LlifeConnect24 Alarm Users at Home

Get peace of mind with our life-saving personal alarm service. Prices start from just 37p per day.

24/7 support for elderly, frail, and disabled people throughout the UK.


Lifeline Vi Alarm with MyAmie Pendant

Our most affordable personal alarm, monthly and annual plans available.

From £9.99 per month

Fall Detector

Vibby Fall Detector

Can detect a fall and automatically raise the alarm for you.

From £165 per year

How the Lifeline Alarm Service can help

LifeConnect24 Alarms are available on several different price plans. You can decide whether to pay monthly or annually

Elderly & Disabled People

The Lifeline Alarm Service supports thousands of elderly and disabled people throughout the UK, giving them the reassurance they need to live confidently and independently at home. Anyone with a long-term medical condition or disability will also qualify for VAT exemption.


Lifeline alarms offer peace of mind to people with long-term medical conditions such as heart problems, arthritis, and dementia. Users can call for assistance with just the touch of a button; our 24/7 Response Team will send help straight away.


We use the latest personal alarm technology to keep our users safe and independent. Our advanced GPS Alarm lets us send help to your precise location, giving you peace of mind at home and on the go. Add Fall Detection for maximum reassurance!

How do Lifeline Alarms work?

All our alarms are easy to set up and simple to use. With our standard alarm package, you’ll receive the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and a comfortable MyAmie pendant. Here’s how our LifeConnect24 service works:

Wear Your Pendant

Step 1 - Wear Your Pendant

Wear your Lifeline alarm pendant at all times. You'll have a choice of comfortable wearing attachments, giving you the freedom to wear it your way.

Press The Button

Step 2 - Press The Button

Press the button on your LifeConnect pendant or base unit to call for help at any time. If you fall, feel unwell, or have any concerns for your safety, we'll be there.

We'll Respond

Step 3 - We'll Respond

We have our own UK-based Response Centre, where trained staff will answer your alarm call quickly. They'll assess your situation and send you the help you need quickly.

Get Help Fast

Step 4 - Get Help Fast

If you need assistance, our Response Team will take action immediately. We'll call your chosen emergency contacts (relatives, friends, neighbours etc.) and ask them to attend. If necessary, we'll also call the emergency services.

Smiling older man wearing fall detector pendant

Joining the LifeConnect Alarm Service Couldn't Be Easier!


Place Your Order

Order your Lifeline alarm online or by telephone at any time and receive free next-working-day delivery.


Set Up Your Alarm

All our alarms are easy to set up and simple to use. Just connect the base unit to a power socket & telephone socket and you'll be ready to go.


Test Your Alarm

Press the red button to test your personal alarm system - our 24/7 Response Team will handle the rest.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

It's as simple as that. Whenever you need assistance, just press your alarm button and we'll be there.

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Lifeline Alarm FAQ

What is a Lifeline Alarm System?

A Lifeline Alarm is a system that allows you to call for assistance 24/7. It’s ideal for elderly people, disabled people, and anyone who lives alone.

Is the Alarm Waterproof?

Yes! All Lifeline alarms, from our standard Alarm Unit & MyAmie Pendant are certified water-resistant.

Will It Work in a Power Cut?

Yes! Our standard LifeConnect Alarm unit contains a powerful back-up battery, which will kick in automatically in the event of a power cut.

Do I Need Internet?

No – the Lifeline Alarm does not require an internet connection. But rest assured if you have internet: it will not be affected by a Lifeline alarm.

How do I set it up?

Installing your Lifeline Alarm couldn’t be simpler. Anyone can set it up in minutes. Click here for our full set-up guide.